Thank You



I want to take a moment to extend my sincerest thanks and appreciation for each and every one of you. 

The love, kindness and support you extended to Sister Parker and I during the Pastor Appreciation Month truly warmed my heart.  I am honored to serve as your Pastor-Teacher, and I feel privileged to be entrusted to tend God’s flock at Ajalon Missionary Baptist Church.

Thank you also for spreading the love, support and fellowship to our guest speakers throughout the month, and for continually supporting the Church’s Vision.

Many times during the month of March (and throughout the year) visiting speakers and church visitors told me that they see why Ajalon Baptist Church is the Friendly Church of the Desert.  As a church body you shine, and although shepherding a flock can be an enormous task, with a flock that hungers to be fed and led you all make my job so much easier.

Thank you for your love and support, and for continually lifting me up. 

C.W. Parker


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