ambcAjalon Missionary Baptist Church was organized in 1958 under the leadership of Rev. George W. Bell and Rev. E.J. Autry who recognized the need of a church to serve the Desert Highland Community of Palm Springs, CA.

Ajalon has grown since its humble inception in 1958. In 1972, under the leadership of Rev. E. J. Autry, Ajalon built its current worship facility. In the years following Ajalon has acquired surrounding properties to provide space to accommodate further growth and development.

Ajalon has been a constant fixture in Palm Springs and the community of Desert Highland Estates. One of the oldest churches in the city Ajalon has met to serve the needs of all who make up our community. The church has been a source in providing Christian Education to both adults and children, assisting the homeless, and feeding the hungry.

Known as the “Friendly Church of the Desert” Ajalon is a place of refuge in the Desert. People from all over the Coachella Valley find a welcoming and loving reception at Ajalon. Ajalon seeks to serve people of all backgrounds and ethnicities. Ajalon has in place several ministries that provide spiritual guidance to every walk of life.

Ajalon has had four pastors in their history, each one has been very instrumental in the continued progress of the church. Each pastor has added to the mix of growth that is Ajalon. Under its current leadership, Pastor C.W. Parker, Ajalon is positioning itself to meet the whole needs of the man in the 21st century. Ajalon is growing at a steady pace and will continue to enjoy such growth because of the church’s desire to reach all men for Jesus Christ.

The purpose of  the ministry is to create an atmosphere in which young people may openly communicate their feelings, thoughts and concerns as they are taught how to handle them through the Word of God.

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